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Abbey Stadium Sports Centre - Aikido Classes in Redditch01527 60206
Aikido is a powerful system of self-defense that blends with the energy of your opponent to render their attacks harmless. Through regular practice, adults may use Aikido as a means to enhance and maintain their health and flexibility. In addition, kids are taught self-discipline and the virtues of respecting themselves and others. Through the harmony and balance of circular blending movements, Aikido goals and to unite the body and spirit of each
Birmingham Road, Redditch, B97 6EJ
Recreation & SportMartial Arts
THAItans Martial Arts Academy - Krav Maga in Redditch07956 430 646
Make the change from being afraid to being fearless, from being a follower to being a leader, from being a comprehensive beginner to becoming a world class Instructor. Thanks for taking the time to visit our web page - have a look round and get the low down on how to evolve incredible skills and make positive life changes. Here at the Gym, we are committed to MuayThai(Thai-Boxing) Self defence training at its finest - a standard by which other Martial Arts are judged. You'll never feel safer or
Beoley Road West, Redditch, B98
Recreation & SportMartial Arts
Johnsons Family Karate - Martial Arts in Redditch07817 712 536
Master Johnson's Family Karate promotes martial arts for the entire family. We practice Kong Sudo (meaning empty hand way) which is of Korean origin. Our classes are constantly growing with clubs spreading throughout the UK. Whether you're a member of our club, a long time martial artist or a novice seeking their 1st steps in Karate, this is the website for you. The club updates (on the correct hand side of this page) can be received on your pc automatically by using the RSS 0. 91
Redditch, B97 5LX
Recreation & SportMartial Arts